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February 18, 2021

"Canada's most unreliable sports broadcast team staring, Bangladesh pro Olly Postanin and Virgin Island pro Jacob Ardown"

If you like hockey and haven't caught these guys on YouTube you're seriously missing out...

Here is a video of the boys challenging NHL Super Star and Edmonton Oilers Captain Connor Mcdavid to the "Grape Chally"

The On The bench boys bring their own brand of good ol' Canadian Humour to the Ice Hockey scene, bringing something new, energetic and downright hilarious.

This has granted them access to the NHL's best.

The boys have videos featuring Vegas Golden Knights Goaltender and three time Stanley Cup winner Marc Andre Fleury, Vancouver Canucks Phenom Elias Petterson, Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin and Dallas Stars Superstars Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn.

Though we cant condone or recommend a lot of the boys hockey tips, and off ice shenanigans, they certainly know the great game...

Willies Ice Hockey Emporium were delighted to receive a store plug from Jacob Ardown, even if our staff took the brunt of the chirps!

Check out our Cameo here.

Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson

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