Hockey Giveaway

February 05, 2021


Hockey Giveaway is a brand new ice hockey specific competition site,

Created and launched by ice hockey fanatics and players the site gives people the opportunity to win high end skates, sticks and other hockey goods for a fraction of their value!

We are delighted to announce Willies will be the main sponsor and supplier of this exciting new web business and look forward to being involved from launch.

In order to win these prizes, players simply:

  • Pick a competition
  • Answer a hockey based skills question
  • Purchase tickets

Once the limited number of tickets are sold, a winner will be randomly generated and contacted to arrange delivery of their prize.

Hockey Giveaway has a fantastic competition live NOW...

Up for Grabs in November is...

Bauer SPECIAL EDITION Sling Ice Hockey Stick

The new hole has a shorter slot increase the stiffness and blade stability whilst allowing more forgiveness on shots allowing players to find that sweet spot more easily. The new core add stability and toughness to the blade giving 15% more durability. The new geometry forces the puck energy into the key loading zone and creates an optimised kick-point within the blade so players get a 10% faster release from the hockey stick and easier to load the puck.

Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson

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