Warrior Ritual G5 SR+ Catcher

The Warrior Ritual G5 is the latest gear in the very successful line of product, succeeding the G3 and G4 lines. The biggest upgrade on the new G5 range is the CoverEDGE+ design which is a face-forward design maximising coverage in net and getting those pucks that would normally be missed on the conventional designed kit. By positioning the face of the G5 Catcher forward, the angle to the puck is further cut down, allowing you to get a piece of pucks that would just miss conventional catchers. The SR+ catcher features a removable palm liner available in 60, 75 and 90 degrees (75 degrees as standard). Inside of the palm is where the CoverEDGE+ is visible with added materials that push that glove from the hand and closer to the ice making for easier routine saves in tight situations. This catcher is perfect for an intermediate level goalie.