Playmaker LCD Hockey Coaching Board

The ultimate coaching board! Playmaker LCD replaces the need for traditional whiteboards, chalkboards, and erasers. The board's ultra low power consumption provides "always on" power for approximately 1 year using 2-CR2430 watch type batteries. When you are done, a push of the button will instantly erase the board, and you ready to draw up the next play. Included with the board are two suction cups that can be used in combination with the board's retractable hanging clips to attach the board to plexiglas, or any similar smooth surface.

  • 21 inch Liquid Crystal Display
  • Always On, No Charging Required
  • One-Touch Instant Erase
  • Pressure Sensitivity adjusts drawing thickness
  • Ultra thin and Ultra-Light
Playmaker LCD Hockey Coaching Board – Willies Ice Hockey Emporium | Ice & Inline Hockey Retailer in UK