The Bauer Nexus protective lineup has been built off a classic fit platform to provide a volume fit for ultimate coverage with controlled movement. The Nexus 1N shin guards, the top tiered model in this protective line, features Seven+ Technology, a technology tested and proven in some of Bauer's current helmets. This along with other high quality foams and improved cap and shell widths to take the 1N shin guards to new heights in pro level protection.

Seven+ Technology is a molded foam specializing in multiple impact management. This foam is able to withstand repeated impacts of both high and low energies and still hold its natural shape significantly better than traditional foam constructions. Being Bauer's ultimate line of protection, the Nexus 1N features this Seven+ Technology in the calf wrap to ward off stray shots, slashes and collisions.

This shin guard has been constructed as a multi-segmented design to promote more mobility. Starting from the top, the injected knee cap has an added width for more coverage and more protection. The shin shell has also been made wider to give a more generous fit and still increase the protective properties. To help keep cool, both the shin shell and knee cap also feature integrated vents. Nice additional protection comes in the main liner which is composed of strong high density foams, this is also found in the thigh protector at the top of the shin guard.

For comfort the 1N is lined with Bauer's patented 37.5 Technology. This is a revolutionary liner deemed as "hockey's fastest drying fabric" made to evaporate sweat which keeps players dry and cool. To securely fasten these shin guards to your leg, a 2-strap system with an anchor strap, wraps around the back of the knee. A Tune Fit customizable strap is found around the calf to provide a wider range of adjustability allowing for a customized and secure fit.

If you are a player looking for shins made for ultimate coverage and protection, check out the Nexus 1N shin guards from Bauer.